About the divition

The veterinary vitamin supplements production industry in world is among the most highly organized sector.

This industry plays an important role in sustaining development in the field of poultry and cattle feed. ORYZAS ORGANICS PVT LTD was incorporated under section 27 of the company act No.07 of 2007.Company main objects are manufacture, formulate, process develop import export of veterinary vitamins supplements in the field of animal feed manufacturing industries.

We are manufacturing vitamin E 50 % and total production export different countries. We assure best quality for our product always and offering our valuable buyers to very best rates in the world.


Our high performance workforce will know their job roles inside & out.they understand more than just their jobs.they are honest above all else.

Fast & Effective service

Our simple fast & effective service will save the time values the time & prioritize the time of our value customers.


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