Oryzas Group is manufacturing, export, Trading, Agriculture farming, News paper Publishing and Outsourcing Corporation with different direction of activity.

We are manufacturing veterinary vitamin and animal feed. Our veterinary vitamins are 100 % exporting. We export and trading animal feed raw materials specially rice bran, De oil rice bran also Broken rice, rice polish, maize and coconut meal as agricultural commodities for animal feed

Our Vision

To become most stable, profitable, diversified group of company.

Our Mission

We select qualified people, we make them satisfied and we achieving our goals through excellent customer centered business activities.

Whant to know more?

Our company exists in the market since 2006, except feed industry we are supplying out sourcing services such as supplying Contract basis services, Export forwarding and handling services, Transport services.., we are continually adding further services to our outsourcing division.

Our fully equipped analytical laboratory and research & development division running for maintains and develop our products quality.

We are diversified further and we move toward agriculture farming business. Oryzas Agriculture division now successfully running Teak, Mangos and cashew planting project .our agrarian product will come very near future to local market.

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Our high performance workforce will know their job roles inside & out.they understand more than just their jobs.they are honest above all else.

Fast & Effective service

Our simple fast & effective service will save the time values the time & prioritize the time of our value customers.


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